About Neuromuscular Workout

Neuromuscular Workout is the descriptive name for our training system; the nervous system, the brain and the mind are all aware of the workout that the body/muscles and joints are undertaking. The workout stimulates your ability to concentrate, your muscle power and your sensory system’s experience of what you are exercising.

The aim is to make you strong, mobile, stable, balanced, healthy and energetic, which can reduce the risk of you needing medication, check-ups, doctors and hospital stays.

The varied training that Neuromuscular Workout consists of, mixes joint mobility training, stretching exercises, heavy and intense strength training, balance exercises and pulse training.

The result is positive physiological adaptations in the neuromuscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body. The body improves overall in its physical fitness, but also in its comfort, ability to rest and to endure the rigours of everyday life.

The goal of Neuromuscular Workout online – which consists of an APP and of the possibility to participate in live training online from the comfort of your own home – is to guide you to the right level, frequency and quality of training.

About the APP

The Neuromuscular Workout APP by Malou Deichmann, is a training system that you can use as a support to your physical active life wherever you are and at your own pace.

The idea behind the Neuromuscular Workout exercises within the app, is to both prevent and recover from injuries before they become serious. These exercises can also be used in the stable phase after an acute injury, where the goal is to get back to a physically active life, or as day-to-day training aids to help maintain your strength and mobility.

At Neuromuscular Workout we focus on three overall categories of physical training:

  • Running and Sports Support.
  • Spine and Posture.
  • Recovery and Injury Prevention.

When using the APP, select individual exercises within these categories and follow the videos for those exercises, or you can choose to follow one of the complete ‘workouts’.

In this way you can take control of your own physical well-being and train or recover at your own pace, and in your own home.

The Neuromuscular Workout APP videos contain physical exercises that are considered strenuous physical activities.

Before you use the content of the APP, seek the advice of a physician or a physical therapist or another relevant medical personnel.