Online group classes

Online live group classes

Online live group class stream access is available through the ‘Pro PLUS‘ membership subscription on the Neuromuscular Workout APP

  • 1 month (recurring) 795 Dkr.
Pro PLUS membership benefits:

Session times

(All session times shown are Central European Time - CET)
8:30am (60 mins)
7:00am (60 mins)
7:00am (60 mins)
8:30am (60 mins)


Why choose ‘Pro PLUS’ ?

This subscription is for those who have suffered and still suffer from the after-effects of previous injuries, which you would like to get rid of and at the same time reduce the risk of new injuries.

With Pro PLUS you have easy access to train effectively, wisely and regularly either with live classes hosted by Danish speaking training specialist and founder of Neuromuscular Workout, Malou Deichmann teaches. You also get full access to on demand training in the WebApp.

Here, just like on any other streaming service, you can choose to follow the training video that suits your needs and the time you have available exactly when you want.

Neuromuscular Workout’s training themes both in Pro PLUS live classes and in the webapp are ‘Spine and posture’, ‘Running and sports support’, and ‘Recovery and Injury Prevention’.

Each online live lesson takes 55 minutes at regularly scheduled times (see above).

Each live stream begins with a gentle warm-up consisting of breathing exercises, mobilisation of the back and various joints. Then the workout moves into core/core exercises for the abdomen, lower back, waist, back and shoulders and upper back, and most classes end with a shorter intense sequence of some more intense strength training exercises.

As a Pro PLUS member of our Neuromuscular Workout APP you can join as many of these classes each week as suits you.

Please note that these times and prices are for ‘Pro PLUS‘ subscribers to the Neuromuscular workout APP only.

Physical, in person classes and group sessions take place at our studio situated at Zinnsgade 4, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark, and you can read more about those  on our Pricing and Practicalities page.

If you would like to work at your own pace, visit the Neuromuscular Workout WebApp today!