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Injury recovery, sports support and mobility training …. The intelligent way.


If you’re not sure if Neuromuscular Workout is for you, check out the freely available videos on the WebApp and start small with a few exercises or follow Malou Deichmann on Instagram.

If you haven’t had any major injuries, just need some training inspiration and like to train short and fast at staggered times, then we recommend a Pro subscription.

If you have had moderate to severe injuries and need a real training effort that develops your body and brain, we recommend Pro PLUS.

The Pro PLUS plan gives you all the benefits of the Pro plan plus additional benefits like access to 4 LIVE and EXCLUSIVE online live group class streams per week and access to on-demand replays of selected online live classes.

Free plan

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Pro plan
On demand access to all videos
dkk 35 / month
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Pro PLUS plan
On demand access to all videos + live group class streams
dkk 795 / month
view exchange rates

How to use the neuromuscular workout app


Choose your neuromuscular focus

The first step in your Neuromuscular Workout journey should be to choose the focus of your workout.

The three focus areas to choose from are:

To choose your focus, you can access the list of the focus areas from the app’s homepage or by clicking or tapping on the 3 menu bars at the top left and selecting your focus 


Choose the type of workout

In each focus area, you can then choose which type of exercise you would like to do.

At the top of the focus area you will see the pre-programmed playlist workouts. These are longer videos, and encompass many of the singular exercises within that focus area.

Below that, you can see all of the singular individual videos, where you can choose to focus a shorter amount of time on a particular exercise.

To choose a programmed playlist, or a singular exercise, simply tap or click on your chosen video.


Follow the video guidance

Take care to follow the video instructions as closely as possible to ensure that you get the most out of the exercises and programmed playlist workouts as possible.
For best results when using your mobile device, make sure that automatic rotation is enabled, tap the full screen icon in the bottom right corner of the video, and rotate your device to a landscape position.
For more help or to report an issue, please use our contact form here